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Drivers Ed Sessions

Our 30 hr online package is a great option for busy students and parents.  Each combines the ease of online instruction at a time that is available anytime you are.

We  feel we are a leader in innovative driver education instruction. The online instruction we offer utlizes the best course specifically designed for the State of Wisconsin,not a generic  national program. We were the first school in the area to offer this providers programming. Other schools are now beginning to offer the same or similar programming. There is a reason others mimmick what we do,because we are always looking to improve our offerings for our students to provide the best learning experience we can provide.

To complete coursework,please log into-

with the user and password from the email you received from Teachsafe upon paying fees. Once you select The "begin "button on the teachsafe site you have 90 days to complete the program or you will need to purchase an extension.


Looking for driver education come follow the leader in the area,not the followers!




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