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Drivers Ed FAQ

General Information

Why chose Open Roads Driving School?

What is the returned check fee charged ?

What are the normal office hours?

What are the payment options?


Where are the Behind the wheel (BTW) pickup locations?

When can I take the behind-the-wheel (BTW) portion of your program?

I have scheduled a drive time, but I need to cancel it. What do I do?

what can I do to help teach my son/daughter

Will I be reminded of upcoming lessons


When can I take driver's education?

How long is the online course?

Course Completion

I've completed the online course, what do I do next?

I have taken the class and I have my permit. Now what?

Instructional Permit

When am I eligible for a permit?

What is the MV3001 form and where do I get it?

What documents do I need to take to the DMV for the permit test?

How can I study for the permit test?


My students is having difficulty with turns

Road Test

When am I eligible for my license?

How do I schedule my road test?

What information do I need when I go to the DMV for my road test?