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About Our Driving School

The Process at Our WI Driving School

Open Roads Driving School instruction consists of the mandatory:

  • 30-hour DOT approved classroom session (30 hr online students MUST complete and return a completed contract. This can be found on the RESOURCES page of this website.
    We operate a hybrid classroom-online program (10 hrs classroom/20 hr online class) as well as a 30hr all online class program.
  • 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons and 6 hours of observation
    The student is scheduled for a two-hour drive lesson with another student. One student observes while the other drives. Each student alternates driving and observing for one hour each. 

Temporary license testing is done at our school. Temporary license testing will be offered immediately following a class on a date determined by the instructor. (Usually the third Wednesday of classes.) We will hold the MV3001 temp form for students until they inform us they are 15 1/2, at which time the form can be picked up or mailed to the students.

Online coursework is completed at the following site Per DOT rules students are not allowed to complete more than two hours of driver education a day, so no online work for the hybrid class is allowed during the week students attend driver ed classroom in person. Online coursework must be completed within 90 days of the date the first lesson is started. If not finished in that time period, extensions may be granted for $15 for 30-day extension. Studently are strongly encouraged to finish as much of the online classroom portion of the hybrid course (20hrs) before attending the classroom session in portion(10hrs). Once you select The "begin "button on the teachsafe site you have 90 days to complete the program or you will need to purchase an extension.

Behind the wheel lessons are scheduled by the student using our online schedule. Students simply log into their student account, and pick a date and time from the online calendar!. No playing phone tag with the school trying to schedule a lesson. Students can be picked up from home,school or work within the Mukwonago school district. Need to change a lesson or pickup location? That is done in the same manner through the online schedule. Student and parents can also elect to receive reminder email and texts of upcoming lessons and can verify lessons on the itinerary on their accounts. Does the driving school you are considering may it this easy?

We generally have the student partake in the first behind-the-wheel session within two weeks of completing the classroom instruction. The remainder of the behind-the-wheel lessons takes place over the next five months. The instructional permit must be obtained within 60 days of the date that the instructor signed the form.Students are allowed two appointments on the schedule at a time. Students will not be permitted to schedule within 21 days of another behind-the-wheel lesson without instructor permission. All BTW lessons MUST be completed within 24 months of original date of signup or additional fees may be charged for BTW lessons. Student drivers are required to possess the instructional permit for six months before they are allowed to take the road test.It is the students and parents responsibility to schedule the first lesson within 60 days of the date on the mv3001 form. Failure to comply will result in cancellation of the permit.

One question you should be asking your potential driving school- Is it difficult to schedule a BTW lesson? Many schools are over booked and scheduling is difficult.  Our online scheduling makes it easy and lessons are available. We dont take more students than we can handle.