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Online Driver Education Courses-Starting at $100

Too busy with sports, work or other extracurricular activities to attend a driver education classroom? Or do you prefer online instruction for other reasons? Open Roads Driving School (ORDS) has the solution for you!

Open Roads Driving School is pleased to announce our new, updated, user friendly online driver education course. requirements. We offer a DOT approved online classroom that meets the same standards as regular classroom instruction (30 hours of instruction). This is done over a minimum of 21 days (the same as the regular classroom). Students will be credited with a maximum of 2 hrs classroom per day. The registration process is quick and easy and learning can be started immediately following registration online. The online course is a great substitute for those who prefer to do online coursework or have limited time due to afterschool activities, sports, and or work obligations.

Our new program consists of 30 -1hr lessons that can be stopped and started as well as reviewed. The program is to be completed within 90 days of the day the first lesson is started. Students who do not complete in 90 days may be charged $15 for a 30 day extension. When you complete the registration you will be asked to agree to the terms of our contract which is posted online. Upon agreeing to the terms of the contract and paying student fees you will immediately receive a welcome email from Open Roads Driving School- which will allow you to start the class immediately after completing the registration process. No more waiting to be assigned a user name and password! Students must have access to the internet, there is no programming to download. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a completion certificate via email. If taking behind the wheel at BKDS, students 15-1/2 should contact us to either pickup the MV3001 form or have it mailed to them in order to get their instruction permit approx 10 days before the date the turn 15-1/2.They can do this even if not yet completed with the online course. Students should contact ORDS upon completion of the online course. To complete coursework,please log into-

with the user and password from the email you received from Teachsafe upon paying fees. Once you select The "begin "button on the teachsafe site you have 90 days to complete the program or you will need to purchase an extension.

Students will then be instructed on how to get MV3001 form if they have not requested the form upon turning 15-1/2. Students not taking BTW with ORDS must wait until the course is completed and have the school providing BTW instruction sign the MV3001 form. The MV3001 form allows students to obtain their instruction permit. Instruction permit testing can take place at any DMV office  Students have 60 days from the date on the form to obtain the instruction permit per DOT rules or the instruction permit WILL be cancelled as required by DOT!. This applies to only those students taking BTW lessons with us, all others must take the completion form to the school providing BTW instruction. That school will provide the MV3001 form to get their instruction permit.

The six BTW lessons will be scheduled by the student every 3-4 weeks during the 6 months they must wait to take their road test. Scheduling is done online by the students utilizing the online schedule on their account. The first BTW lesson MUST occur within 60 days of obtaining instructional permit application signed by the driving school per DOT. Appointments book out several weeks in advance so do not delay upon obtaining temps to sign up for a lesson. The contract once completed or if you have questions, can be emailed to Any outstanding balances must be paid BEFORE behind the wheel lessons start unless other arrangements were made at time of registration. Completion forms will only be sent to students via email address on file if not taking behind the wheel at our school.All others will receive the completion certificate once both online classroom and BTW are completed.